ARTICLE by Celia Gail Stuart 

When we are stepping onto the spiritual pathway, it can be a bit bewildering at times. We decide we want to be all ‘love and light’ and something comes along that makes us  angry, anxious or fearful!

We do our best to meditate, say affirmations to improve ourselves and maybe start praying or talking to our spiritual guides.

One of the best ways, I think, of moving forward with your spiritual growth is to learn to stop re-acting and start creating!  Learn to watch your emotions and to particularly notice when someone, or some event, pushes your buttons.

See if you can fathom out why you had a re-action…
  • Was there some time in childhood that you felt like this?
  • Do you remember any other times when you felt like this?
  • What was going on at the time?

We are easily conditioned as young children into having negative responses and the habit continues, getting reinforced time after time, until as adults, we feel that these responses are the ‘right’ ones.

Become aware of when FEAR holds you back.  Sometimes we are absolutely sure about what we have a fear of – spiders, public speaking, heights etc. However, fear comes in many disguises. It can be  really  subtle such as if you decide not to go shopping on a certain day because the car park is likely to be too busy. The fear there is that you will not be able to park – but really it may be  a fear of being out of control or being overwhelmed. It is better to ask the Universe or spiritual guides to help you find a parking space and then go shopping anyway so you are learning to trust the process of inviting outside influences to help you.

Overcoming fear helps open up your energy field and allow better things to come into your life.

You may decide not to go to a party because you have not got the right clothes to wear, or are feeling a little overweight. These reactions  might be fear-based or show over-concern with Self. Try to change your reactions and thoughts around – you might be able to help someone at that party if you go. You would be rendering the Universe a favor…….

If you feel a strong negative emotion in response to something, it is time for you to turn detective!

If you cannot track down where the pattern arises from, then it would be worth seeing a therapist in hypnotherapy , neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or learn about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping). There are many Youtube videos available on Emotional Freedom Technique so you don’t need to leave your home; just search and find one that resonates with you.

Learn to stop saying  ‘No’ to the opportunities that the Universe brings to you. Open your awareness and willingness to serve and step boldly out there!

For years, Celia Gail Stuart lived her life as a `normal´person , working hard to support her family and doing a variety of jobs from a milk round to running a printing business. But she was never quite happy; she always had the feeling that `something ‘was missing, as though there was a hole inside her. Her life changed dramatically after a conversation with her brother and she opened up to a wider viewpoint of life. The ball had started rolling……. She went on to develop her previously hidden psychic and mediumistic abilities; became a healer and teacher in her field – running groups and workshops in both Portugal and England. Today, Celia is semi-retired and lives in Portugal, but her mission continues – to help other people open up to the magic of the Universe…..

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