In the Tarot Deck, there are 78 cards. 22 of those cards are called Major Arcana cards. These reveal important influences and events effecting your future and often appear when you have made or about to make an important decision affecting your future. This set shows more powerful forces at work and its sequence can be thought of as a journey starting with 0 The Fool and ending with 21 – The world.

The other 56 cards are called Minor Arcana cards and are the suites of Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands.
These cards reveal day to day events, although they are less complex then Major Arcana cards there individual meaning can be more difficult to interpret.
In addition to the Minor Arcana there are also Court Cards consisting of the Page, Knight, Queens & Kings. They may appear in a reading to symbolize a person, personality or even an event. 

As a Psychic I offer Tarot Readings consisting of One, Two or Three Cards. 
What I have noticed is that a one card reading is useful for one question. 
Two cards work well to give insight into a situation and that a three card reading tends to work out as a timeline. 
Being a Psychic my Tarot readings differ from traditional readings because they also include any impressions that I receive and how they relate to the card. My readings also include photos of the drawn cards and a description of the artworks significance when a Major arcana is pulled. 

Composed by Psychic Medium Holly Joy

Customer Reviews

Amazing! I love Holly’s detailed and accurate reading. It’s truly resonating and very uplifting. I’ll definitely highly recommend everyone to give her a try! She’s good. Thank you, Holly!” – Jesse

Enjoyed the reading, very happy with it and impressed with the accuracy. Highly recommend” – June

Very honest and down to earth with a speedy delivery, you will not be disappointed by the reading, I highly recommend it!” – Mac

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