Why Don't All Psychics Give The Same Information and Readings?

A person who takes the time to visit multiple psychics may end up baffled when they receive different information and different readings from each one. This goes against many preconceived notions. Many believe that they will receive the same information and readings, no matter which psychic they go to.

But what they do not realize is that no two psychics are alike. Even if one gives you a particular reading, the next one that you visit may not view your situation in the same way. The most important thing to remember is that while a psychic can give you guidance and help predict your future, they cannot give you an exact idea of what is about to happen to you.

You possess your own will to make things happen in your life, regardless of what a psychic may tell you. People often wonder why psychics don’t just all give out the same information. This is because it is not their job to hand you a perfectly detailed map of your future.

It is their job to tell you what your destination is and different psychics have different interpretations of what this journey will be. For example, 2 psychics may both believe that you will become pregnant one day. One may believe that is imminent and know who the person will be, while another may simply focus on your spiritual health and trying to prepare you for the baby’s arrival.


Approaching a psychic with the intention of finding out exactly what your future holds is a foolhardy endeavor. Each psychic that you consult with will have a different point of view on the subject and seeking multiple opinions may end up confusing you more than helping you.

Psychics will often present the path that you are supposed to walk to you as if it’s the only possible path that you can walk, which leads to a variety of readings. It is still your life and you have to make the decisions that are best for you, without developing a heavy reliance on psychic readings.

Every psychic is going to have their own viewpoint of your future, one that does not always line up with other psychics. The important thing to remember is that a psychic should be empowering you to find the right path and not trying to choose it for you. Different readings are bound to happen, so when you find a psychic who works for you, stick with them.

Different psychics focus on different aspects of the future. Some are more interested in making predictions, while others see your mental health as being more important. Depending on the personal ideologies of the psychics you choose, they may be telling you the same thing, but choose different ways to go about it.