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Advertise Psychic Services for your spiritually related niche business effectively by contributing an advertorial page published as a featured article for Across The Realms Intuitive Arts Magazine.

Publishing editorial content on ATRpsychics.com can improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) rankings by receiving a permanent inbound one-way back link to your site from a niche related site. If you provide psychic services though a third party you can link directly to your profile page providing you with highly targeted traffic from my psychic blog readers.

Requirements For Advertising Psychic Services:

  • You will need to provide informative and unique content, published 1st though ATR, after 4 months you may publish the content any were as long as it displays with a link “Featured First On ATRpsychics.com.”   
  • Your article must pass CopyScape.

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Don’t Want To Write The Article Yourself?

For $15 Holly Joy will compose a 500 word SEO optimized article (within 2 weeks) on your behalf, you can include any keyword/content you desire as a featured or silent contributor.

How ATR Promotes, Advertises & Appreciates Article Contributions:

  • Provided SEO optimization
  • Socially broadcast on all major social networks
  • Sent to ATR subscribers

Optional Extra – For Only $5 your website can be listed in our Psychic Directory under the ATR Contributors Tab along with your article title linked to your post.

Tips For Writing Editorial Content:

Pick a topic that your target audience will be interested in and that they will find valuable and interesting, this may come in the form of:

  • Sharing a story about yourself
  • Writing about something that you know well
  • Composing a How-To Guide
  • Answering a question

Writing Around Promotional Products:

  • Provide a meditation script with audio sample linked to purchase download
  • Your motivation in writing an eBook with displayed cover and purchase link
  • Your inspiration creating another product or service

Guest Writing SEO Tips:

  • Select target keywords including long-tail to achieve higher search engine listings
  • >  i.e. “Advertise Psychic Services”
  • Find ways to include your keyword in your articles though your title, headings & content.

Make It Interesting By Including:

  • Media – A photo of yourself, logo, image, video or MP3
  • About the author bit i.e who you are, what you do and can offer
  • Benefits of using the products or services you offer

About The Author Bits Are Featured In This Way…

Holly Joy, co-founder of ATRpsychics.com is a top rated online psychic that works with her spirit guides though her empathic ability by feeling and knowing. She specializes in reading compatibility, motivations, intentions and discovering root issues for her clients. In between readings she enjoy composing intuitively guided content and sharing what she has learned during her own spiritual journey with the intention of helping others on theirs. To learn more about and book a Psychic Reading with Holly Joy visit her profile page.

Do You Have An Incentive For Readers?

  • A promotional offer i.e. Subscribe for a free download
  • Special discount i.e. $10 off your first psychic reading or
  • Coupons i.e 50% off webinar with coupon code ___
  • Risk free, money back or satisfaction guarantee

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Article Submission Tips:

  • If you would like uploaded images placed in certain areas you can indicate so by writing “Image 1,2,3” in its place.
  • If you would prefer to email a Word document, have questions, would like to include other forms of media i.e YouTube video, MP3 or PDF you can Contact Us