Booking Psychic Readings Through SimplyBook.Me For Free

Online Booking Provider Options For Your Psychic, Spiritual, Consulting Business WebsiteIf you have a spiritual business and want to know more about how to book clients on your site without any start-up cost; there is a provider that helps you take appointments and manage them on any website including WordPress.

This service is called Simplybook.me and offers a plugin for your WordPress site (but I just used the websites dashboard and embed codes until we switched to WooCommerse Booking). This service will help you book clients 24/7 and will increase the number of customers that book on your spiritual consulting website.

What Can It Do For You?

Simplybook.me provides a free service for booking 50 or fewer clients per month. This service will provide a free way to schedule your client’s appointments and take payment through PayPal, all you have to do is:

  • Create your services and pricing
  • Set your available appointment times each day
  • Set auto email instructions for meeting i.e. Phone number, Zoom link, Skype
  • Set auto email instructions to leave you feedback
  • Create your widget codes to match your website and paste them

Now, you will not have to:

  • Convert time zones
  • Process payments
  • Send instructions or email clients

This service works on all devices so you never miss a call and when you do have a booking you will receive a notification through email and text. Your client’s information will also be collected and stored; you can download your client’s emails and upload them to your Mail chimp mailing list to send offers and promotions to later on.

There are also many different paid plugins available to add on to this service to make your booking exactly the way you want it. Included is one free plug-in for PayPal but you can add plugins like category’s, extra photos or location if you take clients at home.

As touched on above this service even provides a way for clients to book through Facebook; all you do is login and approve their app and a book now button will appear on the top of your Facebook business page. There is also plenty of tech support if you need help.

The site is free and is very quick and easy to not only set up but also customize in terms of style and color. You will be increasing your number of clients and saving yourself time and miscommunication by using Simplybook.me.

How To Use The WordPress Plugin

Go to Simplybook.me and sign up and then you can add the “Book Now” button to your website. Start by downloading the appointment plug-in which only takes a matter of minutes.

Once you download the plugin you need to make sure you install it on your directory for plugins. Make sure to activate it and then click on the Simplybook.me plugin. When this comes up you can add your company name to the URL. This will be the way to sign into Simplybook.me and you can customize this page.

Now you have the plugin on your WordPress page and you can add it to your Facebook page. You can also add additional plugins for Simplybook.me, which includes one free for accepting payments. Some other plugins include; the status of the client, adding Google analytics and maps to your business.

Give Readings Though Your Website OR Start a Psychic Network Using Click4Advisor

Online Booking Provider Options For Your Psychic, Spiritual, Consulting Business WebsiteStarting a Psychic network through Click4Advisor is easy and straightforward. Click4Advisor enables advice providers at every level, including psychics, mediums, healers, astrologers, tarot card readers and so on with the ability to facilitate and manage their advice-providing business service.

Click4Advisor has been providing individual advisors and group managers with advice-based telephone commerce service since 2004. Using this service for your psychic business means that users can get advice by just making a phone call or at the click of a mouse.

Whether your specialty is tarot reading, psychic readings, love or any other skill, starting your psychic network has many benefits besides the ability to give readings though your website:

  • Work for yourself or hire others to work for you, or both
  • Take a percentage off the top from your advisors
  • Auto pay your advisors with taxes deducted
  • Financials are organized
  • Send W-2’s during tax season
  • Simply login to work or set your hours
  • Get paid by the minute or per call, chat & email
  • Work from anywhere
  • Online & offline status buttons
  • No monthly fee or software cost, simple percentage of 15%+ off the top

These are just some of the reasons to start your psychic network with Click4Asvisor. Working for yourself can be very fulfilling because you are doing what you are passionate about, but you may wish to help other advisors and start a network instead.

Click4Advisor offers a turnkey Internet/Phone Advice platform for companies that can put your stress and concerns at rest. The Click4Advisor leading one-on-one phone advice system can:

  • Be effortlessly integrated with your existing website, including WordPress
  • Comprehensive User, Advisor & Group Manager Web Interfaces
  • Promotions Creation & Measurement Tools
  • Mass Email to Users
  • Advisor Profile and Feedback System
  • Buffer Zone Before Charges Apply
  • Pro-Active Chargeback Minimizer System
  • SMS Notifications for Advisors
  • Private and Public Conference Sessions
  • Custom Dynamic Availability Status Buttons
  • Advisor Weekly Scheduling Wizard (Phone and Chat)
  • Advisor Auto-Call Appointment Calendar Tool
  • Automated User Callback Request System
  • Automated ‘Continue the Call’ Add Money Wizard
  • Full Accounting System with Auto-Payout Option
  • Pro-Active Chargeback Minimizer System

These are some of the amazing features offered by the Click4Advisor Internet and phone advice platform. Click4Advisor’s innovative-hosted IVR System maximizes revenue potential for Advisors and Group Agents by allowing them to do away with expensive on premise equipment. The system can be used with VoIP, landlines, and cell phones making it easily available.

Thanks to the All-Blind system offered by Click4Advisor, anonymity is maintained. Advisors will never see client’s personal information. In turn, clients will never see Advisors personal information. One of many examples is the email correspondence between clients and Advisors using the Click4Advisor Message Center. This built-in system sends communication back and forth using one’s created ‘User Name’.

WooCommerse, Create An Online Store For Free And Integrate Client Booking

Online Booking Providers For Your Psychic, Spiritual, Consulting Business Website

WooCommerce is your very best option to turn your WordPress site to a fully operational ecommerce shop and online booking service. See Ours Here.

Here are the particulars:

  • It has to be set up and activated just like some additional plugins.
  • It’s free and open source — like WordPress — you do not require any permits, things do not expire, nobody comes asking for cash at any stage.
  • It’s the hottest e-commerce plugin for WordPress on the market.
  • The installation is quickly. Normally only a matter of a day.
  • It works with almost any design/theme you presently have in your WordPress website = you do not have to ditch your existing site design.

I could continue with the listing above, but allow me to just mention that WooCommerce only provides you everything you could ever wish to construct a high quality e-commerce shop with WordPress and if you just want to arrange with clients when you offer your spiritual services or will deliver an Email Reading in 24-hours than you really don’t need a compatible booking plugin.

What can you market with WordPress & WooCommerce?

  • Digital products (applications, downloads, ebooks)
  • Bookings & Reservations (for Appointments, Readings In-person and Online),
  • Subscriptions
  • Other people’s goods — as an affiliate or dropship

I started getting a lot more bookings after I switched from Simplybook.me to WooCommerse Bookings.

Best WooCommerce extensions for booking reservations?

WooCommerce is turning into a massive participant in international internet e-commerce, and internet reservations is a significant sub-niche. Psychics, Tarot Card Readers and Healers etc require a booking system.

There is not much to select from right now. In reality, there are just two major solutions for WooCommerce reservations.

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin transforms your WooCommerce store to a full-scale Booking platform. It allows you a Booking Date & Time for every service.

It is “completely integrated” with WooCommerce to create and manage all sorts of booking solutions.

Some of the features of this plugin:

  • The Booking Process is “completely integrated” with your WooCommerce store.
  • Flexible tags to name your own reservations how that you desire.
  • Choose the reservation calendar of your own language.
  • You can accept reserving orders over the telephone or emails.
  • You can easily sync your reservations with calendar programs.
  • Over a 100 payment gateways accessible with WooCommerce.
  • You can set booking choices for every service.
  • You can place Global & Product Specific “exclude times” rules. It’s comparable to blackout days. It’s possible to avoid bookings for a number of the dates.
  • You can make time slots, e.g. reservations can be made just from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM etc.
  • You can define the time and date of availability.

WooCommerse Bookings (what we use) and official extension out of Woo. It works really well and is much more flexible compared to the plugin out of TycheSoftwares.

The Downside is that it can be more expensive starting at $249 and that you need another plugin called WooCommerce Bookings Time Zone Conversion Management costing $23 to convert booking times into other client time zones and this plugin does not convert appointment times in the reservation emails yet.

TIP: you do not have to pay full-price for WooCommerse bookings. You can find membership sites that offer the plugin for $15 a month with updates or buy the latest version from someone like a developer on Fiverr with or without updates (updates are highly recommended).

Otherwise this highly effective extension permits you to offer your date or time based bookings and is perfect for those desiring to provide appointments or services.

Notable Features:

  • Create booking slots
  • Multi-person reservations
  • Customer email notifications
  • Have reservations made either immediately, or delivered to you for acceptance.
  • Filter and upgrade bookings, in addition to booking accessibility, directly from the WordPress admin.
  • Create reservations manually through the WordPress admin, mirroring that the frontend reservations form your clients see.
  • There is enormous flexibility in specifying prices per reservation, source, block, individuals or length.
  • Define whenever your booking can be obtained to your clients.
  • “Resources” a bookable merchandise for extra flexibility. Resources are also made worldwide, to use to numerous bookable products.
  • Define global accessibility rules for all bookable products.
  • Integration using the Product Add-ons extension permitting you to add extras for every reservation.
  • Send custom email alerts to those who have reserved a item.
  • View reservations in either record or calendar format.

It is among the greatest appointment scheduling applications you can get at this time. You are able to ask for payment or simply confirmations. You will have the ability to maintain a totally organized calendar and cut back no-shows with innovative reminders and notifications.

It’s extremely simple to add a new appointment manually to get a client. Apart from adding new appointment in your site admin. All email templates can also be integrated with the WooCommerce system and may be edited through coding or is much easier to design with the WooCommerse Pretty Emails Plugin.

In order to get a better overview of your appointments, then you can see and edit your appointments within a flexible calendar, and handle it in a weekly or daily perspective while being synced together with other lightworkers in addition to Google calendar. Additionally, you able to accept payments/deposits in-person as well as PayPal. In this manner, you do not have to accept payments for the appointments upfront.

Ink-Appointment WordPress plugin comes with a robust booking functionality and a broad range of features to handle your appointments. It supplies flexibility and convenience at both the ends: i.e. for you and your clients. Supports all kinds of appointment requirements, booking and scheduling such as appointment scheduling, client scheduling, resource scheduling, event booking, and just whatever.


  • Take Bookings for multiple services.
  • Let customers check appointment space availability.
  • Show available appointment dates in calendar while reserving.
  • Send automated appointment reminder emails to your client and also you personally.
  • Set reminder to reach before one day/two days or 1 week before the appointment date.
  • Disable appointment booking days in volume.
  • Disable booking dates for non-working dates that are special.
  • Enable booking dates for exceptional working days.
  • Take appointments at exact time and date time slots.
  • Set number of appointments to be booked at time slot and a particular date.
  • In hand payment options available for customers.
  • Display cost to clients.
  • Track records of new and previous customers.
  • Manage customer appointment list in WordPress Dashboard.
  • Customize booking form fields according to your business.
  • Captcha facility to prevent spam.
  • Compatible with all WordPress Themes.

Price: $97. One Time Payment. Lifetime Access. Unlimited Site License.

BirchPress Scheduler Pro is an appointment booking and customer direction plugin appropriate for Client Scheduling for coaching, phone advice, consulting services, etc.

BirchPress is ideal for big companies which have their staff scattered in many locations, and they provide numerous services at a time. Add this plugin to your site and take appointments at predefined locations/divisions of your business. Define places, staff, customers as well as services and create associations between them.


  • Booking appointments by time slots that are particular
  • Optimize the booking form for topics that are reactive.
  • Assign your employees to various services.
  • Powerful Admin Panel.
  • Easily embed booking form/calendar into a web page with short code.
  • Show appointments/schedules in the weekly, daily or monthly view.
  • Extra settings for padding time, and cost, duration.
  • Multiple-currency support.
  • Configure time and date format.
  • Track appointment payment history.
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Booking calendar synchronized with google calendar, outlook, Android, etc.
  • Automated notification system to remind customers about appointment.

Cost: Pro Personal – $99 – 1 website

Bookly supplies a complete and easy to use WordPress booking system. This plugin has robust backend admin features with some wide variety of booking options out there.

It’s a quite striking WordPress booking plugin with many of visual customization options which lack in other plugins. Images and its attractive layouts make it most pleasant, intuitive and user friendly. Additionally, it is fast and saves time for both the admin and also the user.


  • Syncs with Google Calendar.
  • Responsive layout in all devices for great encounter.
  • Customize colors of the frontend booking calendar to coincide with your website.
  • Integrate PayPal payments.
  • See payments reports in WordPress dashboard.
  • Export CSV of your appointment list.
  • Properly documented to help in setup.
  • Add boundless staff member details.
  • Personalize prices for each member and service with working and non-working days
  • Add endless variety of services.
  • Color codes to make booking schedule intuitive.
  • Send email notification directly from WordPress.

Price: $46 – Lifetime Access.

Appointzilla  is just another easy plugin but using an all-inclusive backend that enables you to take appointments in a fashion that is organized and systematic. The best part of Appointzilla is that you can handle everything from inside your WordPress site’s admin panel. It also includes great level of client management capabilities, staff management, and service management.

Booking appointments with appointzilla is easy. To make a booking, fill details in a form, choose preferred member from the staff, pick an accessible time and user has to click on the date revealing in calendar. Also, you can give flexibility to get memberships from WordPress Membership Plugin.


  • Manages your staff and services even if there are numerous of them.
  • Customize by adding rest time, business hours, official holidays, staff holidays,
  • Easily handles staff database and links them to their services.
  • Automatically adds new appointments into the Database.
  • Appointments are synced with Google Calendar.
  • Email Notification.
  • Powerful and Intuitive Admin Dashboard.
  • Service, Client and Staff Management ability.
  • Paypal Support to accept payment on Booking.
  • Specify working hours and off days and times.
  • Google calendar integration.

Price: $99. Single Site License.

Team Booking is an efficient booking system with high flexibility and customization options to produce your own form to perfectly fit your needs. It helps you plan availability and manage bookings and incorporates Google calendar. It is collaborative and has multiple distinctive features for various coworkers to work on under one system and handle customers collectively in a systematic way. This appointment booking template offers a perfect system for logs, reservation & stats, telling and email proof system, PayPal payment support, multiple language supports and so on.


  • A variety of choices to alter your booking form based on your requirements.
  • Customize the front end aesthetics of your booking form.
  • Email verification and notification system.
  • Notification triggers for three receivers – the user, the coworkers and also the admin.
  • Download appointment database as a CVS file.
  • Coworkers can work collaboratively for one service.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Show service center place on Google map.
  • Responsive form.

Price: Routine License: $22. Extended License: $110

Excerpt From:

The Complete Guide to Building Your Online Spiritual Business Using WordPress

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